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Hyfen makes the pension ecosystem work

Our mission is to make ecosystems work, for everyone. We want to connect people to their pensions. Hyfen achieves this by reliably, securely and efficiently connecting data flows in the pension ecosystem.

We pride ourselves on building an ecosystem platform that enables real-time data exchange and streamlined business operations for cross-organisational processes. The Hyfen platform significantly reduces business and process costs and preserves the privacy of individual ecosystem partners and end-users.


The Hyfen ecosystem consists of administration companies, pension funds, insurance firms, but also government agencies and knowledge partners. We believe that by being able to fully understand the business, legal, governance and compliance challenges of our ecosystem partners we are able to create win-win solutions.

Hyfen collaborates and co-creates with the full pension ecosystem. For our products we do this in a client led governance structure. We aim at positive-sum outcomes by optimizing both end-user journeys and administration processes that span multiple organisations.

The following parties are currently connected to the Hyfen platform:

Hyfen is part of an ecosystem of companies and organisations with a proven track record in building successful IT platforms, large-scale digital transformation within the financial sector across the globe:


The showcase of the Hyfen platform and our ecosystem way of working is This web application allows end customers to transfer their pension savings from one pension plan to another in a few clicks. With this implementation we have optimized a business process that spans multiple organiations and took months to complete, increasing data quality and process efficiency. Hyfen also digitized the paper based communications into a modern digital customer journey.


‘Proof of life’ certificates are important documents for people who receive a pension benefit abroad. They must periodically notify their pension provider whether they are still alive in order to continue to receive the pension benefit. This is still often done with a paper form that must be validated by local authorities. Hyfen offers pension administrators and insurance companies a ‘plug and play’ modern digital customer journey for obtaining proof of life certificates that meets all privacy and compliance requirements.


Our Mission:

Making ecosystems work, for

We believe in shared infrastructure that allows companies to collaborate without compromising user privacy. We build an ecosystem platform that enables real-time data exchange and streamlined processes, while significantly reducing operating costs and preserving the privacy of individual ecosystem partners. 

The Hyfen platform allows organisations in highly regulated ecosystems optimize cross organisational processes and customer journeys.