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Connecting the pension industry on a Secure and efficient platform

A secure online environment for the straightforward and compliant exchange of data in real time. A platform that connects all parties in the pension industry: pension funds, insurers, pension administrators, government authorities and end users. A shared infrastructure where organisations can work together while safeguarding the privacy of all users. Future-ready and in line with users’ expectations.



That’s Hyfen. 

A Secure platform for all users

For companies in the pension industry, it is vital that their technology and organisation are future-proof. This is not easy to achieve in the face of complicated pension processes, where organisations and end users continually need each other’s information. The pension industry is a complex ecosystem in which everything and everyone is interconnected.



Hyfen has been specially developed to support this ecosystem and simplify mutual communication and data exchange. The platform is compliant with relevant regulations and frameworks of regulators and pension funds. Our digital platform makes it much easier for all parties involved to switch to the new pension system. 

Hyfen digitises processes

On our platform we digitise processes for you as a pension fund, insurer or pension administrator. Our digital ecosystem for pensions keeps data safe and ready for real-time exchange. We provide a scalable and modular platform, enabling you to focus on offering efficient and unique customer propositions.



In concrete terms this means we significantly reduce your administrative burden. This helps you serve your end users better and faster. It is clear to everyone how everything works. This will take all the pressure off your customer service. Moreover, you effortlessly comply with government-imposed privacy rules and regulations. 

Multiple parties have already joined our platform. These pension companies have preceded you:

Hyfen works with organisations that, each in their own right, are authorities in building IT platforms and large-scale digital transformation processes to offer solutions for the financial sector in the Netherlands and abroad:


On, we make collective value transfer easier than it has ever been. Usually, the process of transferring value is complex and very lengthy. Our solution helps to transfer pension funds from one pension administrator to another with just a few clicks. On we also present a clear online customer journey, showing end users exactly where they stand. This prevents a great deal of frustration and contacts with your customer service.


The result: end users have easy and secure access to all relevant information and can arrange their value transfer completely electronically and online. For you as a pension provider, this saves a lot of touch points. The paperwork for value transfer is also much simpler, especially where it concerns the transfer of large groups of end users.

Proof of life

End users abroad must submit a life certificate for their pension benefits every year. This serves to inform their pension administrator that they are still alive. It is a fairly laborious process. The end user submits papers to the local authorities, which are then checked, stamped and dispatched for a fee.



With Heartbeat, every end user abroad can submit the life certificate digitally, free of charge and securely. We offer your organisation a platform on which all information is clearly arranged. This provides an at-a-glance overview of who has and who has not submitted the life certificate yet. Arranging this online eliminates a lot of time-consuming paperwork. Heartbeat is also more secure than paper life certificates, as information on the end user is sent and saved securely.


Hyfen’s mission is to enable the entire pension ecosystem to communicate better, more efficiently and more securely. Hyfen is intended for pension providers, pension funds, insurers and government authorities that want to improve their service to end users.