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Who is Who

About Hyfen: The platform that Connects Secures Optimizes the Pension Ecosystem

Did you know that Hyfen is named after an impressive natural phenomenon? A hypha (which translates as hyfe in Dutch) is a long, branching filamentous structure of a fungus, extending underground, that plays a crucial role in ecosystems across the globe.

Each ecosystem consists of different organisms, such as trees and plants. Hyphae connect these organisms and enable them to communicate.

Scientists are still unsure as to how exactly this communication takes place, but what we do know, is that it is indispensable. And it is this same crucial role that Hyfen wants to fulfil. With this objective in mind, we have set up a platform for optimum communication within an ecosystem. Just like hyphae in nature.

Hidde Terpoorten


Hidde has a background in Financial Engineering and Enterprise Risk Management. Before joining Hyfen as CEO, he held various positions within APG. At the APG Groeifabriek, he was the founder of the platform and spin-out of Hyfen.


Hidde is a true optimist: it’s hard to find anyone more cheerful and motivated than him. New ideas and developments make him happy. You can always wake Hidde in the middle of the night for some extra sleep. And he desperately needs that, what with three children and heading Hyfen.

Karim Grini​


Our CTO Karim specialises in financial services software implementations within technology architecture and delivery. Having started out as an electronics engineer, he then moved into solution architecture and project delivery at a major consultancy and a global insurance company. During his years as a consultant, Karim often collaborated with APG, laying the foundations for what would become Hyfen.


Want to see Karim happy? Then ask him to build something. He will be in heaven if his creation works flawlessly. Karim is also a master in organisation.

Paul Grimbers


Paul supports Hyfen on operational and ecosystem related activities. He is also CEO of The Glue and has a background in solution, innovation and strategic program delivery for the financial services industry.

Dante van Grafhorst

Legal Counsel

Dante is responsible for everything legal at Hyfen. ‘Impossible’ is not in his dictionary: he prefers looking at possibilities. As a trainee at APG, he gained experience in risk management, strategic scenario analysis and programme management. After a stint as a lawyer at APG Groeifabriek he has now joined the Hyfen team.


His motivation? Converting a legal bottleneck into an opportunity. And what really makes is day is being greeted by an enthusiastic dog. You can wake Dante up in the middle of the night for a trip to the sun.

Monique Weigle


Project Management Officer Monique is the spider in the web at Hyfen. She can arrange anything, from finance to user tests. Monique has a solution to any issue. She has 33 years of experience at APG, where she held various positions, including Executive Secretary and Innovation/Project Officer.


Asking her to organise something complicated will have her jumping for joy. She will take care of it down to the smallest detail. Monique is exactly where she wants to be – she loves interacting with people every day. By the way, a delicious cheese fondue also makes her quite happy.

Marnix Broekhoff

Product Owner

As Product Owner, Marnix is jointly responsible for the development of and other business developments within the company. He maintains contacts with stakeholders and prioritises changes. Marnix is a crack at identifying product improvements. He has been working in the pension industry for 20 years, of which the last 11 years within APG’s pension administration and change departments.


Marnix enjoys the moment a product improvement is implemented. He works on this for weeks or sometimes months together with an innovative team. To Marnix, the best part of his job is to have an improvement or innovation go live.

Nathalie Drost

Business Developer

Business Developer Nathalie maintains contact with our customers. Moreover, she is always looking for product improvements. Nathalie established the Dutch edition of the Blockchain Education Network and is co-founder of start-up NestEgg. She then came to work at Hyfen through APG.


Nathalie likes a good atmosphere and is a keen skater and rower. She immensely enjoys a good festival or concert. Her biggest motivation: customers who are completely satisfied with what Hyfen delivers.

Laurens Van Piggelen


Architect Laurens converts ideas into designs and supervises construction activities. He has 20 years of work experience at the intersection of functionality and technology in the financial world and the public transport industry.


Laurens’s main motivation: short-term results. As such, he prefers working with people who know what they are doing and are not afraid to take decisions. He takes great pleasure in long bike rides through nature.

Rick Meerwaldt

Software Engineer

Our Software Engineer Rick is involved in every phase preceding the go-live of new applications. He knows Hyfen’s entire software stack and loves to work with new technologies. He also ensures that the development process is structured and that our applications are easy to maintain. Rick has gained experience at APG as a software engineer.


You couldn’t make Rick happier than by having him work with state-of-the-art technologies. He enjoys working on new ideas with a smart team. Rick likes fitness and kickboxing. When he’s not working out you can find him enjoying a drink with friends.

Armand Janssen

Software & DevOps Engineer

Armand is Hyfen’s Software & DevOps Engineer. Fun fact: Armand has been developing software for more than 20 years! One of his responsibilities at Hyfen is the technical integration between our platform and our customers. Outside office hours, chances are that you will see him speeding by on his bicycle. In addition, he likes to automate his house and work on the perfect espresso.


Armand is keen to learn new things. Working with the Hyfen team also energises him. You can wake him up in the middle of the night for a good home automation problem.

Ludo Niewenhuizen

DevOps Engineer

As DevOps Engineer, Ludo manages and develops the Hyfen platform and our DevOps tooling. Before joining Hyfen, Ludo worked as DevOps Engineer at APG. When he’s not working, you’ll find Ludo on his mountain bike or singing as a bass or baritone.


Ludo’s main goal is making complex things easier or more user-friendly. He loves structure and likes working according to a plan. Drawing up such plans is a lot of work, but will bring a broad smile to Ludo’s face when successful. You can wake him up for tiramisu, on one condition: it must be better than his own previous version.

Dean Masley


Our man from across the pond: Dean! He is responsible for our User Experience and the front-end of the platform. Dean works on mock-ups and the design of our new platforms and features. Since 2013, he worked in start-ups, non-profits and blockchain. In his spare time he is a drone, VR and 3D art enthusiast.


Dean loves new challenges. Especially if he can work on them with others: teamwork really floats his boat. You can wake him up for a front-end. But only if it is incredibly beautiful.

Arnoud Bevers

Software Engineer

As Software Engineer, Arnoud works on the complete stack of our platform. He prefers tackling varied tasks. Before joining Hyfen, he worked as a consultant for a year. When Arnoud is not working, he plays alto saxophone, drinks a craft beer or works on a new Hyfen meme.


He likes getting stuck into a challenge, and especially enjoys the moment he pushes a button and everything works again. Arnoud puts everything aside for his grandmother’s meat-filled vegetable soup or rice tart with whipped cream.

Rachid Arredouani

Solution Architect

Our Business Analyst Rachid has a degree in computer science and four years of experience in functional/business analysis at Accenture. He likes to work on problems where he can use both sides of this spectrum. His ambition is to develop Enterprise Architecture skills. In his spare time, you can find Rachid on the football pitch or in front of the computer, working on new skills or playing video games.


Rachid gets really animated when he can use technology to make things and processes noticeably more efficient. He prefers to work in a team towards a goal and likes to celebrate eureka moments.

Stefan Dierckx

Founder and CEO of Projective.
Founder and member of the investment
committee of SmartFin Capital.
Co-founder of Minos Capital.
Former CEO of Capco.
Master in Applied Economics at the University of

Jurgen Ingels

Former founder and CFO of Clear2Pay
Co-founder of NGData and Volta Ventures.
Former investment manager at Dexia Ventures.
Board member of Materialize (NASDAQ: MTLS), NGData, Itineris and Projective.
Founding partner of SmartfFin Capital.
Master in political and social sciences and MBA from the University of Antwerp.

Philip Neyt

Senior advisor of the Algemene Pensioen Groep (APG)
Independent board member in family business and multinationals

Diederick Huszár

Director Research, Strategic and Marketing APG
Former advisor Buddy Payment BV
Former CTO/COO &Samhoud
Former Director EVP Rabobank

Stefan van der Bijl

Managing Director of Finance at APG

Various roles at ABN AMRO:

  • CFO for ABN AMRO Mortages
  • Head of IFRS Policies
  • Head of ALM Accounting