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Hidde Terpoorten


Hidde has a background in Financial Engineering and Enterprise Risk Management and has held various positions within the APG Group. Within the APG Groeifabriek he was one of the founders of the current Hyfen platform and team.

Karim Grini​


Karim has a broad technology architecture & delivery experience with a focus on  software implementations in the financial services industry. After an early start as an electronics engineer, he has gathered solution architecture and project delivery skills at a major consulting company and a global insurance firm. During his consulting years Karim has worked extensively with the APG Groeifabriek, laying the foundations for what is today Hyfen. 

Paul Grimbers


Paul supports Hyfen on operational and ecosystem related activities. He is also CEO of The Glue and has a background in solution, innovation and strategic program delivery for the financial services industry.

Dante van Grafhorst

Legal Counsel

Dante is Legal Counsel at Hyfen. In his work, Dante does not strive for “no”, but for “how.” Before he became a lawyer in APG’s blockchain team, he gained experience as a trainee at APG in risk management, strategic scenario analysis and program management. In his spare time he likes to read a book and do fun things with his friends.

Monique Weigle


Monique is Project Management Officer at Hyfen. She is the spider in the web and arranges everything from finance to user testing. Prior to this, she gained 33 years of experience at APG, in various positions, but most recently as Executive Secretary and Innovation / Project Officer. In her spare time she likes to play volleyball and walk.

Marnix Broekhoff

Product Owner

Marnix is Product Owner at Hyfen. He is jointly responsible for the development of mijnwaard tran and the other business development within Hyfen. He maintains contact with stakeholders and prioritizes the changes. He is always looking for product improvements that can help participants and pension administrators. Prior to Hyfen, he has been active in the pension industry for 20 years, the last 11 of which in various roles within APG’s pension administration and change departments. In his spare time he likes to play tennis and golf.

Nathalie Drost

Business Developer

Nathalie is a business developer at Hyfen. She maintains contact with customers and is always looking for product improvements. Prior to Hyfen and APG, she set up the Dutch edition of the Blockchain Education Network and was cofounder of startup NestEgg. In her spare time she likes to skate and row.

Laurens Van Piggelen


Laurens is an Architect at Hyfen. Within Hyfen he converts ideas into designs and supervises construction activities. He has 20 years of work experience at the interface of functionality and technology in the Financial and Public Transport world. Likes to cycle in his spare time.

Rick Meerwaldt

Software Engineer

Rick is a software engineer at Hyfen. He is involved in all phases of bringing new applications live. He is familiar with Hyfen’s full software stack and enjoys working with new technologies. In addition, he focuses on a well-structured development process and good maintainability of the applications. He first gained experience as a software / blockchain engineer at APG. In his spare time he does fitness and kickboxing and when he is not exercising he has a drink with his friends.

Armand Janssen

Software & DevOps Engineer

Armand is a Software & DevOps Engineer at Hyfen. He has been making software for 20 years and also takes care of the technical integration between Hyfen and its customers. After work, he can be found on a bike, automating his home, or perfecting his espresso.

Ludo Niewenhuizen

DevOps Engineer

As a Devops Engineer, Ludo manages and develops the Hyfen platform and Hyfen’s DevOps tooling. He built his experience in DevOps land at his former employer’s innovation team. When not behind his laptop, you can find him on mountainbike tracks, or at choir rehearsals as bass/bariton.

Dean Masley


“Coming from across the Atlantic”: Dean is UX at Hyfen. Within Hyfen, Dean provides the user experience and the front end of the platform. He works on mockups & the design of new platforms and features. Dean has a background in startups, non-profits and blockchain since 2013. In his spare time he likes to play with Drones, VR and 3D art.

Arnoud Bevers

Software Engineer

Arnoud is a Software Engineer at Hyfen. He works on the entire stack of the Hyfen platform, and prefers to tackle the most varied tasks. After a year as a consultant, he was the first new hire to join the existing Hyfen team. Isn’t Arnoud at work? Then he plays alto saxophone, drinks a specialty beer or works on the next Hyfen meme.

Rachid Arredouani

Solution Architect

Rachid is a Business Analyst at Hyfen with aspiration to grow Enterprise Architecture skills. He has a computer engineering degree and four years of experience in functional and business analysis at Accenture and likes to work on problems that require both ends of the spectrum. In His free time he is either on the football pitch or behind his computer building new skills or playing video games.

Stefan Dierckx

Founder and CEO of Projective.
Founder and member of the investment
committee of SmartFin Capital.
Co-founder of Minos Capital.
Former CEO of Capco.
Master in Applied Economics at the University of

Jurgen Ingels

Former founder and CFO of Clear2Pay
Co-founder of NGData and Volta Ventures.
Former investment manager at Dexia Ventures.
Board member of Materialize (NASDAQ: MTLS), NGData, Itineris and Projective.
Founding partner of SmartfFin Capital.
Master in political and social sciences and MBA from the University of Antwerp.

Philip Neyt

Senior advisor of the Algemene Pensioen Groep (APG)
Independent board member in family business and multinationals

Diederick Huszár

Director Research, Strategic and Marketing APG
Former advisor Buddy Payment BV
Former CTO/COO &Samhoud
Former Director EVP Rabobank

Stefan van der Bijl

Managing Director of Finance at APG

Various roles at ABN AMRO:

  • CFO for ABN AMRO Mortages
  • Head of IFRS Policies
  • Head of ALM Accounting